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Ottawa Army Run Week 1 Training Log

Posted 6/29/2015

So its officially 12 weeks to the Army Run Half Marathon, and my first Blog about this week’s training schedule, can’t wait this should be an interesting 3 months:

2 short runs during the week of 3km runs (suggested Tues/Thurs) and 30min Cross Training Day and a long run on the weekend of 7km.

Remember...Try to stay dry this week, as the forecast is for on and off again showers, and be sure to get out early Wed July 1st for a Bike Ride to Parliament Hill which will count as your 30 minute Cross Training Day and then you can rest easy and enjoy the rest of your Canada day with friends, family and fireworks.



This week’s BKTracks Fit Tip… be sure to take time to cool down after long runs especially during the last 5 minutes which should be slower pace followed up by some calf, adductor, quad/hip flexor & hamstring stretches to help flush all the lactic acid out of your muscle.

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April is Orthotics Month

Posted 4/1/2015

At BKTracks, our orthotic assessment consist of a 2 Step procedure:

Step #1: Video Gait analysis & Computerized Pressure Mat Scan

Step #2: Consultation, Examination & Casting

Some insurers require a Physician’s note for coverage. BKTracks is  always pleased to send the results of our orthotic assessment to your Physician. For more information on BKTracks Orthotics, or to schedule an appointment please contact Angela at the front desk.

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