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Get the Facts on Whiplash from BKTracks

While some Auto Accident can result in severe injuries even fatalities, the majority of Auto Accident injuries will completely recovery in time. At BackTracks our staff includes Chiropractic Specialists with advanced education, training and experience in the assessment and treatment of Whiplash Associated Disorders.

Whiplash is the term used to describe the acceleration-deceleration forces to the head, neck and upper back from a rear-end or side impact collision that results in injury to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs and nerves.

Whiplash Associated Disorders refers to the complex of signs and symtoms resulting from Whiplash injury.

Symptoms may include:

  • neck and shoulder pain
  • muscle spasm
  • joint stiffness
  • headache
  • dizziness 
  • memory loss
  • mental sluggishness.

Although most symptoms from Whiplash Associated Disorders will subside in time; the time varies from individual to individual and may take days, weeks, months and sometimes even years.

Immediately following your auto accident it may be necessary for you to to limit certain actiivies that place stress and strain on injuried tissues; however studies show that remaining active and returning to part time work or pacing your daily task improves recovery. An assessment with a Specialist trained in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of Whiplash Associated Disorders is advised.

Research confirms that early mobilization & manipulation is an effective treatment for acute pain associated with whiplash, and instruction in exercises can help facilitate the rehabilitation and recovery of flexibility, strength and stability to the neck and upper back.

If you have been involved in a recent auto accident and suspect that you have suffered a Whiplash injury, contact our clinic for a New Patient appointment with one of our Chiropractic Specialist.