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Over the last 20 years, Dr. Lino Panetta, DC, FRCCSS, is pleased to have contributed to a regular column in the Canadian Chiropractor Magazine called “The Rehab Report.”

In the “Rehab Report” Dr. Panetta, a Chiropractic Sports Specialists, reviewed and explained common Sports & Spinal Injuries; and featured tips for patients on Exercise and Rehabilitation. Many of the exercises featured in these articles are part of a Track of Exercises that form the foundation for BackTracks Rehabilitation Programs.

BackTracks is pleased to provide a link to these articles below. Caution….before attempting any of the exercises listed, please be sure to contact BackTracks, a Chiropractic Specialist, or your local health care provider for a complete diagnosis of your particular condition and to ensure that these exercise are safe for you to perform at home.

For more information on these conditions, or to schedule an appointment for examination please contact BackTracks at 613-596-0646. 

ACL Rehab

Acute Torticollis Exercise

Ankle Rehab

Exercise Ball Tracks

Golf Rehab –Part 1: Flexibility

Golf Rehab-Part 2: Core Strengthening

Patellofemoral Rehab

Scapular Stability Tracks

Spinal Twist Tracks